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Editor ial
he December edition contains some interesting articles which I recommend to our readers. The three research articles are of particular interest. The article on “Hypertrophic osteopathy” in dogs by the group of Prof. Itamar Aroch should be read and studied by all those working with diagnostic medicine in dogs. This is an excellent research article which includes a comprehensive review of the literature.
Dr. J. Shimshoni from the Kimron Veterinary Institute has written a fascinating article on the classification of ticks according to their cuticular fatty acid profile. The study by Prof. Ozmen from the University of Mehmet Akif Ersoy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Turkey presents an intriguing study of a co-infection of budgerigars. Under these circumstances where animals are infected simultaneously by two agents the consequences can be devastating. The case reports in this journal are varied and thought provoking. I recommend reading them according to your interest and speciality. I wish to thank the organization of “American Veterinarians for Israel” for their financial contribution to our journal. The expenses in publishing a journal of this quality are heavy and this help is certainly very appreciated. Thank you!!! Also thanks to Eli Oren the publisher of this journal for the excellent and dedicated work he carries out in providing us with a first-rate quality journal. Behind the scenes Eli works endlessly to ensure that the journal comes out on time and his publishing talents are greatly appreciated. I encourage all our readers to write articles, reviews and case reports to the journal. Letters to the editor are of course very welcome. Chanuka Samach to all our readers.
Editor-in Chief Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine
Trevor ( Tuvia) Waner
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 68 (4)  December 2013

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