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Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 70 (2)  June 2015 www.ijvm.org.il 2
his edition of the journal presents interesting articles covering a wide spectrum in the feld of veterinary
medicine. In fact, the journal has something for small animal practitioners, veterinarians in bovine and
ovine medicine and those working with poultry.
Research on biomarkers in veterinary medicine has become accepted. Te journal has published an article
covering biomarkers in reticuloperitonitis in cattle. In the next months we can expect to fnd more on this
important subject.
Two “frst” articles covering conditions seen for the frst time in Israel appear in this journal: One by Dr.
Gans on Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome in a Border Collie puppy and another by Prof. Shmuel Perl et al. on a
case report of severe visceral cysticercosis in a herd of sheep and goats. Articles of this nature are important for
the journal and I encourage other veterinarians to describe their experiences.
In the feld of avian medicine Dr. Davidson has presented an interesting and informative review article on
the Avian Flaviviruses and a genetic molecular research article on Chicken Anemia Virus. Te use of molecular
biology can also have its pitfalls for which one needs to be aware and which need to be avoided as pointed out
in this article.
Dr. Hordik thank you for your interesting and challenging case report. I hope many veterinarians will be able
to beneft from your experience and expertise.
To all our readers thank you for your support. I look forward to receiving articles from you on extensive and
varied subjects which will be of interest to all.
Wishing all our readers a pleasant and healthy summer.
Trevor ( Tuvi a) Waner
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine

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