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Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 70 (1)  March 2015 www.ijvm.org.il 2
ince my commencement as editor of the Israel Journal for Veterinary Medicine (IJVM) in 2010 I have chosen a
species of animal each year to be portrayed on the cover of the journal. For example in the year 2010 diferent breeds
of horses appeared on the cover, in 2011 dogs and in 2013 cats. Te year 2015 has been declared the “Year of the
Sheep” by the Asian communities and it is just by chance that I also decided to choose this species. Te sheep ranks in the
eight position of animals in the Chinese zodiac and represents solidarity, harmony and calmness. I welcome all our readers
to submit pictures of sheep for inclusion on the cover of the journal during this year, 2015.
Te present issue presents four articles on bovine medicine and three on equine medicine. Tis is very pleasing and
I welcome more articles relating to these species. Two articles deal with exotic species medicine, both articles are from
overseas. One article from Italy through the gracious support of Prof. Mario Giorgi a good friend of Israel and the other
through Dr. David Eshar a former student of the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Monica Mazuz from the
Kimron Veterinary Institute presents an interesting frst case report of pups infected concurrently with Neospora and
Hepatozoon. Prof. Ibrahim Balkaya has presented a survey on the presence of Toxoplasma and Neospora in wild boars in
Eastern Turkey. So there is a lot for everyone to read.
Te endeavor of a number of countries to boycott Israeli academics is discussed frequently in the media. I want to
remind our Israeli veterinary scientists that this issue may one day afect all of us and also future veterinarians. I raise this
issue to emphasize the importance achieving a good professional Israeli veterinary journal of a high standard. In order to
achieve this, the journal must receive support from veterinarians in Israel.
Te status of the journal is improving annually and this year we have reached another record in the number of citations
which have been on the ascent since 2010 since I assumed the editorship of the IJVM. I have included a graph of the number
of citations per year from 2008 to demonstrate our achievements. Tis increase would have been even more signifcant if
only the Journal had the support of senior academic veterinarians, which I urge and for look forward to in the very near
future. Tis is not my frst request for this cooperation and a group-efort from academic veterinarians as documented in
many of my editorials will hopefully signal a change in their minds and attitude.
Te excellent standard of veterinary research in Israel is refected in the abstracts of the 37
Symposium of the Koret
School of Veterinary Medicine. I am proud to publish these abstracts and I congratulate the organizers in gathering such
admirable research presentations.
Te Editorial board of the IJVM wishes all its readers a pleasant and safe spring. To those going on holiday and attending
conferences, wishing you safe travels and successful conferences.
Chag Pesach Samach.
Trevor ( Tuvi a) Waner
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine

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