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Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 69 (2)  June 2014 www.ijvm.org.il 54
ince my appointment as editor of the Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine I have
tried to convince veterinarians both in the small and large animal felds to start
documenting their experiences and begin writing articles, case reports and reviews
for the journal. To my disappointment this has not proved to be an easy task.
I have tried to persuade my fellow veterinarians with reasons such as: document and pub-
lish your experiences; documentation and publications will allow for future advancement
within the profession; the recognition of ones work by a peer reviewed journal will give
acknowledgment of professional success and excellence.
Tis leads to the question of how do we see ourselves? On the one hand we may be judged
as profcient clinicians by our clients but on the other hand it would also be regarded as an
accomplishment to obtain recognition of our clinical and scientifc skills from our fellow
veterinarians and peers. Te options are: clinician, clinician scientist or scientist clinician
or scientist? Bearing in mind that we all qualifed in academic institutions receiving aca-
demic degrees it seems reasonable to assume that we have a scientifc background which
we should be applying to enhance our clinical skills.
Following on from this I see the“writing experience” as part of our continuing scientifc
learning process. Te documentation of our experiences obliges us to study the current
literature and in so doing enhance our knowledge and expand our experience in the feld
in which we work.
My message in this editorial is for us veterinarians to see ourselves as “clinical scientists”;
to endeavor to enhance our scientifc knowledge and to be seen in the eyes of the public
as responsible veterinarians. An important part of this process involves writing and I en-
courage my colleagues to do so.
I look forward to receiving your articles for review.
Trevor ( Tuvi a) Waner
Editor-in Chief
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine
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