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Editor ial
am proud to present to our readers the first edition of the Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine (IJVM) for 2014. This edition of the journal has both interesting and informative articles for a wide range of subjects. The article dealing with swine is a welcome review of the current situation in Israel and the desired goals for the welfare of pigs in Israel. Since the appointment of Dr. Shaul Pozzi as the Veterinary National Officer for Swine Disease and Welfare his mark on the industry is being clearly made. The review article is a clear message that someone with expert knowledge in the field and who cares is making the difference. After four years as editor of the IJVM I have decided to change the structure of the editorial board in an attempt to make it more efficient and helpful in reviewing prospective articles for publication. The core of the editorial board will now also be made up of “section editors” each of whom are experts in their field and who are acquainted with both the subject matter and the researchers involved in the different specialties. I wish to make a special mention of Dr. Irit Davidson who approached me on her own initiative to help promote and further improve the quality of the journal. With her considerable scientific background and knowledge of poultry diseases I am proud to have her as part of our team. In the search of a section editor for bovine medicine and surgery I have found Prof. Jovan Bojkovski from Serbia who is willing and enthusiastic to help us. The journal has chronically lacked someone who can direct the ruminant section and I am happy that we have found the appropriate person. Thank you Prof. Jovan Bojkovski for your assistance, I look forward to working with you. The editorial board and its section editors are now as follows: Small animal Medicine Prof. Itamar Aroch and Dr. Gilad Segev Small animal Surgery: Dr. Josh Milgram Oncology: Dr. Gillian Dank Poultry medicine: Dr. Benny Perlman and Dr. Irit Davidson Equine medicine and surgery: Dr. Gal Kelmer and Dr. Amir Steinman Ruminant medicine and surgery: Prof. Jovan Bojkovski Microbiology: Prof. Danny Elad Parasitology: Dr. Alex Markovitz Udder diseases: Dr. Gabi Leitner and Dr. Shmuel Friedman Toxicology: Dr. Yakov Shimshoni Pharmacokinetics: Prof. Eran Lavi Molecular biology: Dr. Yehuda Stram and Dr. Dan David Pathology: Prof. Shmuel Perl Past Editors of the IJVM: Prof. Arnon Shimshoni, Prof. Zeev Trianin and Dr. Gad Simon
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 69 (1)  March 2014
A personal thanks to all those individuals who have served with dedication on the Editorial Board of the IJVM and who have helped bring the journal to a new elevated standard. Your help is appreciated. 2013 has been a successful year for the journal with publication of articles of high quality and interest. I have received a lot of positive remarks about the journal and more important I feel that at last veterinarians in Israel are beginning to understand the importance of a high quality Israeli Journal and as a result are giving their support by presenting article for publication. I want to welcome Dr. Igal Horowitz and his group from the Israel Wildlife Hospital for the publication on Pelicans. About 70,000 pelicans pass over Israel each year and fortunately they have a helping hand in the form of the Wildlife Hospital in Ramat Gan. Articles on wildlife are welcome and we look forward to more publications on this interesting field. The number of citation of the IJVM has increased to an all time record and this is another indication of our accomplishments. At the time of writing we have already reached an all time record of 41 citations for 2013 and I expect this number to rise.
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I look forward to a productive year and welcome your articles on all subjects pertaining to veterinary science and medicine. To all our readers a Happy Purim and a meaningful Passover.
Editor-in Chief Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 69 (1)  March 2014
Trevor ( Tuvia) Waner

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