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esearch on pain in animals has become an important field in veterinary medicine. This is a significant shift in attention, considering that in the 1970’s most universities teaching veterinary medicine did not show much interest in this aspect of veterinary practice. In the present issue Dr. Mario Giorgi from Italy has presented an original research article on the use of Tapentadol, an atypical opiod for surgical anesthesia and analgesia in rabbits. The authors use current innovative methods to evaluate pain, such as the “grimace scale”. This is an excellent article on pain in general and its assessment in particular. In addition, the author also reminds us that rabbits are a popular pet and that its popularity is increasing, requiring us to learn more about this species. Over the last few years the Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine has published a number of articles on pain in a variety of animal species. This is an important subject and I encourage more research and articles dealing with pain in future issues. I recommend reading these articles which can be found on our internet site, www.ijvm.org.il: yy The Epidemic of Canine Obesity and its Role in Osteoarthritis. Sanderson, S.L IJVM, 67 (4), December 2012.
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yy Multimodal Approach to Pain Management: Layering for Safety and Efficacy. Epstein, M.E. IJVM, 66 (2), June 2011. yy Pain and Stress in Cattle: A Personal Perspective. Bomzon, A. IJVM, 66 (2), June 2011. In addition, the present issue has some interesting articles dealing with stress, hematology and infectious diseases and in addition two case reports. Fifty percent of the articles are written by Israeli authors and in all ninety percent originate from the Mediterranean basin region, which covers the declared definition of the scope of our journal. The end of the Jewish New Year is at hand. On behalf of the editorial board of the journal, I wish all our readers a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, and I look forward to receiving many informative articles of quality in the coming year. Shana To va.
Editor-in Chief Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine
Trevor ( Tuvia) Waner
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine  Vol. 68 (3)  September 2013

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