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This issue of the Israel Journal of Veterinary and a kit for measuring udder infections of c Medicine is dedicated to the m m r of Proe oy based on the milk levels of the e z m cata ny e fessor Eitan Bogin w o died from leukemia h A third diagnostic aid consisted of a paper o April 20, 2007, a e 72. Eitan w s born on n gd a stick for detecting d h do e a e levels a eyrgns s May 3, 1 3 and educated at local schools in 94 function of leukocyte milk content. A sepa Kfar Saba, Israel. After completing his military invention w s a device that detected thaw a service h studied at the H be University of e erw of frozen products - food, chemicals, m a et Jerusalem from which h graduated a B.Sc. in Prof. Eian B gn e s which would b packaged with the product e t oi 1 5 . H continued his graduate studies at the 3 . 9 4 - 2 . . 0 7 99 e freezing it and would indicate whether thaw . 13 0 20 5 4 University of California, Los Angeles receiving had occurred during transport and storage. his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Department of Biochemistry in 1 6 9Overall, 3 aged the role s giv and 1965. Eitan held appointments there a a Research Associatece to Eitan envisary practitioner,of his laboratory a hos s servi the veterin farmer, veterinary a d Assistant Professor until 1 7 w e h returned to the Kimronscientists researching animal models of biochemical inte n 90 h n e and Veterinary Institute in Israel w ee h w s to direct the Depart-spent m c effort in establishing reference values of blood hr e a H e uh m n of Biochemistry until his retirement in 1999. et stituents, notably enzymes, of various domestic and wild an Eitan w s afirstrate biochemist w o divided his time b t e n w s instrumental in establishing reference values for ap a h ewand a e his diagnostic laboratory at the Kimron Veterinary Institute andn internationally. Eitan w s m c involved in developing a tio a uh teaching comparative veterinary biochemistry to students at the s for medical research and the biochemical aspects of d model University of Tel Aviv, and later at the Koret Veterinary Schools and metabolic disorders. The biochemical aspects of aging e of the H be University w ee h taught clinical pathology. H and other stressors w r also topics of research in his labo erw hr e e ran ee courses in veterinary clinical pathology in several foreign coun-tan investigated liver diseases, especialy the deposition o Ei tries- Paraguay, Italy, Taiwan, Mozambique etc. in geese, dairy cattle, laying hens, broilers and rats. Eitan si s Eitan w s instrumental in establishing the International So- vely studied the topic of a metabolic profile a applied to a o ciety for Animal Clinical Biochemistry (ISACB) in 1981, cattle by measuring over 20 blood constituents and h w and in 1 8 - w s the President of this organization. H w s affected by age, physiological and nutritional status, 9 69 a e are a also President of the World Association of Veterinary Clini- seasonal change, milk production and climate. cal Diagnosticians (WAVLD) in 1996-7. Among the m n Eitan w s very interested in promoting veterinary clinica ay a prestigious a ad that Eitan received, that of the Ameri- thology internationally, and especialy in third world countries wrs can Association for Clinical Chemistry for his contribution to often hosted visiting scientists from these countries for sh animal clinical chemistry in 1 9 is noteworthy. 94 long term visits to collaborate onresearch projects in his la Eitan wrote over 2 0 scientific articles, chapters in books, tory. At the s m time h organized the donations of boo 2 ae e and two books on clinical chemistry. H also co-authored with e laboratory equipment to laboratories in third world countrie Dr.Y.Hartman a computer program for veterinary clinical pathol- tan Bogin w s a born optimist w o believed in Israel's sc Ei a h ogy diagnosis based on artificial intelligence. cooperation with other countries. H had a h g repertoire e ue m os o ay Eitan registered a n m e of inventions centered on diagnostic r u stories and enjoyed entertaining his m n guests at u br ad n ep aids for the veterinary practitioner and farmer connected with de- in the laboratory. His passing is marked with d e sorro tecting mastitis in dairy cattle. These included an apparatus for measuring the DNA content of liquids, specifically mastitic milk,
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